Spy Watch With Built In Micro Audio Recorder


It used to be fun, watching Tom Cruise act in Mission Impossible as he raced around with his tiny devices in a very James-Bond-esque manner, spying on the bad guys and thwarting them at their own game.

Technology has caught up, however, and the everyday lay person now has access to an wide array of tech that used to be reserved for only the most well-funded spy departments.

This is especially true when if comes to sound recording. Video still poses some challenges (although hidden cameras constantly get smaller and smaller). But sound recorders only require a tiny hidden microphone, a small battery and a small storage driving for backing up the audio files.

Once you have those components, you can wire your recording device almost anywhere. And, with a little upgrade, you can add a voice activated feature so that it only records when it hears a voice, and spends the rest of the time in “dormant” mode to conserve battery and audio storage.

These devices can be great for note taking and lectures. Wear this watch, and you’ll never be without a way to easily take memos that you can copy down later.

They can also help diffuse heated situations. If your ex-spouse realizes that you are recording the interaction, they are likely to be way less aggressive, and will behave more professionally.

This audio watch can also help you protect yourself in business dealings where there is a lack of proper documentation. Depending on the laws of your area, these recordings may be able to help protect you in th court of law. However, you will want to seek legal counsel before using the device in this way.

Watches are not the only device that is handy for recording audio. Spy pens, spy USB  drives and dedicated  spy recorders are easily purchased over the counter at any spy store near you.

The problem with purchasing many of these products online is that it is difficult to measure the quality control of these products. Often, you get cheap recorders from China with no warranty . Then, when it breaks or fails to record , you are left holding a very expensive piece of junk.

The best option is to choose a company with real American-based staff who can provide phone support to make sure you get the right device and can help you keep it working.

There is a list of the different, hidden audio recorders for helping you protect yourself. https://spycentre.com/blogs/news/top-5-hidden-voice-recorders-of-2017-review  You’ll be very surprised how tiny they are and how much they can record.